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She processed my statement quickly and began to cry. "Al, I failed you and I failed us. I promise and I apologize for you having to ask for that promise." With an effort, she got her tears under control. "There's a bench around that corner, please walk me there. We need to talk this through."We sat down at the bench. I put my arm around her. She was still sobbing some. Suddenly, she turned and went to the ground on one knee in front of me. She said, "Al, I screwed up. I really do love you and. It doesn't harm anyone and, if you likepresenting as a woman, why shouldn't you? I get a great deal of pleasureout of it myself and, on another occasion, if you are happy, I will dressas well and we can chat as two girlfriends!" I'd like that" I replied."Much as I would like to sit here chatting for the rest of yourappointment, I think it is time we started taking a few photos of you inall your finery," Paul said reluctantly, rising from the chair. He turnedout to be a great photographer and. When I asked, my mother told me it was Sunday. I’d been there for over twenty-four hours. My mother had been awake and starting breakfast when she heard me fall to the floor. When no one responded to her calling up the stairs, she came up to see what was going on. When she entered my room, she found me unconscious and bleeding from my mouth, nose, and eyes. She immediately called 911, and they dispatched an ambulance. At the hospital, they brought me to the ER, did an initial workup on me,. I feel him pull it away. Lips envelope one nipple and then the other. I am so hot and so wet. I can stand it no longer and open my eyes.Not my Jack…yet I am unafraid. It surprises me that I am calm, but I lust for this man kneeling in front of me.I simply ask, “Who are you?”He lifts his face from my breasts. His blue eyes twinkle, lips twitch up in an impish smile. “I am your lust’s desire.”I take in the strong nose and square jaw…then the heavily muscled chest and stomach…then his full.
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